Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why People Aren't As Friendly???

I have been searching this internet, social networks, and communities, to find some nice, intelligent, and friendly people. Everyone I have met, seems to be afraid of someone new or just caught up with their own lives. There are some really compassionate and loyal people out there, trying to communicate. But the only communication I see are: with old friends, online chats, and cell phones; not with the new person though. "Hello, how are you today," seems to be a thing of the past. "If you don't know me, why are you trying to," seems to be heading in the future. It is so sad that in the real world, people are lonely. Social Networks, are meant to socialize, with the old and the new. Whatever happened to: Hey, do you want to hang out;' or maybe I'm caught up in a time warp.
Life as I knew it, was so simpler back then. Even in kindergarten, we shared our crayons and play time. Now in the adulthood: if you can't give me; then to heck with you. My mother told me,"there will be days like this,"but as a child: the imagination of flying in a hot air balloon with Mickey Mouse, gave her advice direction into one ear and out the other. "Funny,"some may say; but when you're in tears, comedy isn't needed at the moment.
So the question still lies: Why are people not as friendly? My answer: maybe they are, just not allowed to befriend them, to find out. I pray one day, someone will fully discuss this issue. Because loneliness is so lonely, especially when it's just you in a conversation. Crazy, hopefully not. In my right mind, well hopefully so. Will stay sane, I'm praying to be able to. Giving up on finding some friends, no, never. Since I'm not the only one, in this world searching for life. So one day soon, I'll discover a friend or two, who's not afraid to make me their friend too.
When that day comes, I would probably be complacent and afraid of rejection. But life is a gamble, just need to know: how to out wit the game played. And that's by staying focused on the positivity. The Bible says: A man(people in general) that has friends must show himself friendly: and there's a friend that sticks closer than a brother-Proverbs 18:24. Only question that comes to mind:Where are these people at? Even some networks ask you: for finding your own friends. Some other networks suggest your suggestions. Now that's funny, when you don't really know anyone.
Society labels some people: Loners. To me that's a sign of discrimination. Since lonely people really don't want to be alone, but stuck, because of ignorant labels like that. That's why people are secluded from social groups, because people aren't sociable with them. I guess people have to make people befriend them, but how? Even a friendly "hello" causes others to run for cover. So what must an alone person do, to get the fear from people of them being new. You give, they take. You invite, they cancel. You smile, they frown. You look at them, they look away. You are in a happy mood, they question: are you on something. You talk about your faith in God, the church members point fingers and judge.You lend a helping hand, the cops are about to be called. You email someone by the network suggestions, a block is on your mail for them. And the most comical one of all: you try to go to an elderly man's house, to assist him; neighbors will swear up and down, "you're looking for a Sugar Daddy." Now that's comedy.
When reading my blog, I pray it sheds some light to this world. A difference can start with one person at a time. Yes we all need to be cautious out there, when finding new friends. But just keep in mind: we all were once new too. Just some are lucky to keep their old friends, that took the time to know them, and gave a chance to be befriended. While others are craving the intimacy/closeness of a friend, whether old or new. Nothing physical, just a spiritual and emotional connection. Am I a psychologist, no, but with experience; comes lessons once learnt. I'm still an advocate of:Friendships, even the new ones. Since some of the old friends, you can't say: they are a friend either. So I rather take a chance to find new friends and who knows that new friend might be you. I hope this posting is a blessing. God bless.