Thursday, August 26, 2010


What is the real definition of happiness? The Webster Dictionary defines it as: having, showing, or causing great pleasure, or joy. It's funny to even hear the word joy, in the same reference to happiness. My take on joy, is what is perceived by, and through the naked eye. While happiness can be felt, without being seen to the naked eye.

Ever since I was younger, people always asked me: Why don't you smile, aren't you happy? I reply: yes, you just can't see me show it gladly. Others can express their joy, by smiling, or seeming happy. To what the world may perceive, as a show of happiness. I just never smiled much. Sometimes I smile and be crying within. People always want to see, to judge; than to know, before judging. I know we all are twisted at times. I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles.

In life, happiness can be shared without cracking a smile or two. Since not every smile, is smiling for true. My mother always said: There's a lie behind some smiles, just get to know a person for awhile. You will see, their truth to be. In other words, smiling faces sometimes tell lies. When in society, it seems to be the fad for centuries. The more we express happiness with a smile, the more people want to linger around for hours. I guess we are judged, in what the facial expression curves into.

Right now, with so much suffering and financial hardship; how can anyone be happy? Jesus said: All the days of the oppressed are wretched/miserable, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast-Proverbs 15:15(NIV). It doesn't say anything about showing, now does it. Showing happiness, is all man made. Not Godly commanded. No, we must not sit around with a frown, but why sit there giggling and laughing all the time as a clown?

People always want to find some sort of excuse, for their own misery. I really don't see anyone walking around all cheerful, just smiling from ear to ear. Some may say: Wow, this blogger is really pissed and complaining. Well in reality, I'm trying to address my points plainly. No one should be forced, into showing their happiness: with a smile. When happy, people show compassion; despite a smile. Whether by a hug or even simple words. A smile can be expressed, by a show gratitude: with a thank you or you are kindly welcome. So never judge a person's heart, if they decide not to smile. Meaning: just don't judge a book by its cover. Open up to the person, to see what they are showing from within. Who knows, you might be glad you had listened.

I'm happy and sometimes no one will see me. Yet in still, it doesn't mean I'm not happy as can be. Society just need to focus, on how to keep themselves happy. Then it wouldn't be, so many unhappy people; in general. Once we all start focusing on our own inner health, then maybe we will see happiness shining from within others. Great joy should be shared from one to another, but just waiting to see a smile from someone's face; is wasted energy and time. If you as a person want to show you happiness by curving a upward curve, then why not. Just don't switch your upward curve downward, if someone isn't really seeing, what you're feeling.

I just believe that once all the stupidity of society, would stop with the dependence on another. Maybe then, we all can really see the love, joy, and peace with each other. No one has it all, know it all, or can do it all. We all need to express love first, for our happiness to grow. Which should always be manifested with ourselves, before seeking from others. I pray this blog is a blessing. Spread the happiness from within, by having compassionate love to send. And maybe then, a smile or two, someone will give you, if you let it happen. God bless.